Lab 5 Load Tests on a Three-Phase Induction Motor and. Content beyond syllabus: 1 Separation of no-load losses in single phase transformer 2 Open circuit and load characteristics of separately and self excited dc shunt generators. 3 Load test on dc series motor 4 Speed control of dc shunt motor 64 Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering ASTRA Laboratory Manual Electrical machines-1 8. The mechanical load on the DC motor is dependent over the electrical load applied to the output terminal of the generator.. HOPKINSON TEST :- Hopkinson's Test is another useful method of testing the efficiency of a DC machine. It is a full load test and it requires two identical machines …

load test on dc shunt motor lab manual


load test on DC shunt motor YouTube ...

Series DC motor. In a series DC motor the field is connected in series with the armature.The field is wound with a few turns of large wire because it must carry the full armature current. A characteristic of series motors is the motor develops a large amount of starting torque. However, speed varies widely between no load and full load.

NSCET LAB MANUAL DEPARTMENT OF ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING Armature Resistance (Ra):- + 230 V (0-30V) Theory: . By conducting load test on DC shunt generator we can get load characteris- tics i.e, Internal & External characteristics. By exciting the m/c, the field current increases and voltage build up.. A dc shunt motor rated at 240 V has a field winding resistance of 120 Ω and an armature resistance of 0.12 Ω . The motor is supplied at the rated voltage. Under the no-load condition, the motor draws a line cureent of 4.75 A.

DETERMINATION OF DC MACHINE EFFICIENCY BY BACK-TO-BACK TEST (Hopkinson Test) INTRODUCTION: This is a regenerative test in which two identical dc shunt machines are coupled mechanically and tested simultaneously. One of the machines is made to act as a motor driving the other as generator which supplies electric power to motor.

Load test on dc shunt motor lab manual

ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING LABORATORY MANUAL P. MABUHUSSAIN Assistant Professor BRAKE TEST ON DC SHUNT MOTOR OUT THE TEST. 4. Put on the load by tightening the screws of the spring balances. Note down the spring tensions, the speed, the voltage and the currents at different loads until full

The DC Shunt-wound motor, running on Direct current, has its field windings placed in parallel to the armature. In Electrical terms, parallel is generally denoted as shunt. That is the reason behind naming it a DC Shunt motor. Same voltage is applied to both shunt winding and armature in this motor. This parallel configuration allows independent path of current for field winding and armature.

the calibration loads in the same direction that the motor load will be applied. The first lab group to use the dynamometer should calibrate their load cell after testing the motor. The second lab group to use the dynamometer should calibrate their load cell before testing the motor. Record the make and model of the DC motor that you test..  130 TOP D.C.MOTOR Questions and Answers pdf D.C.MOTORs

Oct 28, 2015 · Testing of DC motor, dc motor testing direct and indirect method October 28, Through this test full-load testing of two d.c. shunt machines can be carries out, mainly identical ones. In this test, power drawn from the supply only corresponds to no load losses of the machines. Electrically these two machines are mechanically connected in

Experiment No. 1 Study of Separately-Excited DC Shunt

Experiment 7 Series DC Motor (I) 0405344: Electrical Machines for Mechatronics Laboratory 7 – 4 Speed Control of Series DC Motors Unlike with the shunt dc motor, there is only one efficient way to change the speed a series dc motor. That method is to change the terminal voltage of the motor. If the terminal voltage is increased, the first. Load Test On Dc Shunt Motor Unicon Instruments

LAB 5: DC Motors 2 of 9 This document is managed by Make no changes without prior consultation with the lab technical staff. 4.7 Shunt DC Motor Control For safety reasons, most lab test equipment signal-grounds (esp. oscilloscope, signal generator) are connected directly to power line earth ground. This severely

1. Open Circuit Characteristic (OCC) of DC shunt generator 2. Load test on DC Shunt Generator 3. Brake test on DC Compound Motor 4. Swinburne’s test on DC machine 5. Brake test on DC Shunt Motor. 6. Hopkinson’s test. 7. Field’s test. 8. Speed Control of DC Shunt Motor. 9. Separation of losses of DC shunt motor. 10. Load test on DC


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Load test on dc shunt motor lab manual

LAB 5 DC Motors

LOAD TEST ON THREE PHASE INDUCTION MOTOR AIM: (a) Perform load test on 3-phase induction motor. (b) Compute Torque, Output power, Input power, Efficiency, Input power factor and Slip for every load setting and to determine how speed, efficiency, power factor, stator current torque, and slip of an induction motor vary with load.

DC Motors Protocol

Conclusion: In this lab experiment, the DC motor speed control was studied. Taking the previous Simulink models from lab 1. This lab allowed us to further investigate the characteristics of the various DC motor speed control schemes. There are two types of controls which were made in order to control the speed as well as the current. In an open loop control, the only components in the system


strong braking effect sufficient to stall the driving motor. f) Turn off the Power Supply. TEST YOUR KNOWLEDGE 1. State two ways by which the output polarity of a separately-excited dc shunt generator can be changed 2. If a dc generator delivers 180 W to a load, what is …

The direct current (DC) motor Principle of operation

An article on retardation test or running down on dc machines.retardation test on dc shunt motor theory manual download as pdf with procedure of retardation test on dc Machines Home DC Motor Retardation Test or Running Down on D.C In the nest post we try to share a pdf on retardation test lab manual. Related searches retardation test ic

Load test on dc shunt motor lab manual

Load Test On Dc Shunt Motor Lab Manual

Experiment – 4 Characterization of DC Motor: Part 2 to the motor under test (MUT). The second motor will be open loop voltage-controlled, similar to the MUT. The terminals of the load (DC-motor) should be connected to PHASE A2 and PHASE B2 terminals on the power board. Set the supply voltage (V

In this experiment we aim to conduct a No-Load test on a DC Generator to determine its open circuit characteristics followed by a Load test on a DC shunt Generator to determine its external load characteristics. The DC Generator as we know can be either separately excited or self excited in shunt. While in the No-Load

Experiment – 4 Characterization of DC Motor: Part 2 to the motor under test (MUT). The second motor will be open loop voltage-controlled, similar to the MUT. The terminals of the load (DC-motor) should be connected to PHASE A2 and PHASE B2 terminals on the power board. Set the supply voltage (V.  Lab 7 DC motors shunt series and compounded.

TECHNICAL MANUAL FOR SPEED CONTROL OF DC SHUNT MOTOR Manufactured by : PREMIER TRADING CORPORATION Civil Lines, MEERUT. Phone : 0121-2645457, 2654068 INDEX NO. : M-140 . PREMIER TRADING CORPORATION 1 SPEED CONTROL OF DC MOTOR (SHUNT TYPE) AIM (a) To study the speed control of DC motor below the normal range by armature LOAD TEST ON DC

Electrical Lab Load Test on Dc shunt generator

Consider a dc shunt motor running at no-load. (i) If the supply to the armature is cut off but the field remains normally excited, the motor slows down gradually and finally stops. The kinetic energy of the armature is used up to overcome friction, windage and iron. In the retardation test, the dc machine is run as a motor at a speed just. Testing of d.c.MachinesRetardation or Running Down Test

Speed Control of DC Shunt Motor with Field and Armature Rheostat Control 79 2. Circuit Diagram: 3. Working Principle From the above circuit diagram, we can conclude that if we want to increase the speed of the shunt motor, we will vary the field resistance. As …

3. Load test on DC shunt and compound motor. 4. Load test on DC series motor. 5. Swinburne’s test and speed control of DC shunt motor. 6. Hopkinson’s test on DC motor – generator set. 7. Load test on single-phase transformer and three phase transformers. 8. Open circuit and short circuit tests on …


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